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Sarah Cunningham is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 11 years of experience working alongside children, teens, and adults in an effort to empower and support the attainment of their individualized, therapeutic goals. For the past 3 years Sarah has been teaching yoga to both adults and children at her therapeutic yoga studio, Whole Life Wellness Studio, as well as in school systems across the greater Chicago area. She uses her clinical experience to inspire her yoga classes, leading to what her students have come to refer as “Sarahpy”. Driven by passion about the healing properties of food, Sarah offers individual and group support for clients looking to learn more about how dietary changes can support their therapeutic goals.
Her website: Sarah’s writings are inspired by her personal and professional experiences including world travel that has informed her unique combination of both the western and eastern healing approaches of psychotherapy, yoga, and nutrition. You can follow her posts via Instagram @sarahcwellness and on the Whole Life Wellness Studio Website at:  Finally, Sarah would be delighted to gain you as a friend on Facebook at: 

Tracy M.G. Riggs: Purveyor of all things adventuresome, wife, dog owner, visual artist, yoga instructor, daydream believer, Egyptian in a former life, soul gypsy. Find her on Instagram

Deb Harano has lived in Colorado Springs since 1992, when she reunited with her high school sweetheart.  They blended their young families together and created a new home.  Deb has a strong interest in maintaining a daily yoga practice, healthy lifestyle and prefers natural healthcare practices.  She has held many jobs, but is currently focused on teaching yoga, continuing her studies and planning to complete her advanced teacher training in 2016.  She enjoys being a grandparent and dabbling in amateur photography.  Deb also enriches her personal asana practice through social media, particularly through Instagram, as @ColoradoYogaLady  Website:

Kitty Madden is Thorncraft Publishing's Senior Editor. She not only edits every book multiple times, but she also helps with strategy and overall planning for the publishing company. Kitty is known as Thorncraft's literary midwife, bringing out the best writing from all of our authors. Kitty was once a professional proofreader, nannyt, and substitute teacher. She is currently a Reiki Master, practicing in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Jacquitta Boone is a beginner yogi and current ECU student. She is working towards her MBA with a concentration in Project Management. She began her yoga practice at home in December 2014.  Since then, she had learned the true meaning of self worth,  self love, and perseverance. Her love of yoga has progressed and led her to pursue her 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Greenville, NC, this Fall 2016. She is a body positive advocate who also promotes self love. She hopes to share more of her love of yoga through her Blog, This Curvi Yogi. Find her on Instagram as @Eyes_of_Sunshine

Amy Renee Bell spent her growing up years in Saudi Arabia, then later in Montana. She greatly enjoys diversity of peoples and cultures and has traveled to many different places around the world throughout her life, which has shaped her perspective, her love of others, and her affection for nature and being outdoors. As a trained biology teacher, she loves instilling a love of science and nature to her students. Yoga is also an important part of her life, as well as training for triathlons and marathon swims. She does this while being a wife and mother of three, living near Salt Lake City, Utah. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and loves where the journey has taken her, both with things that apply specifically to fitness but also on a much deeper emotional level as well. Find Amy on Instagram as @ufi_yoga

Karissa Becker: "I am that I am--I am a Mamasté (at home) with her Little Oms, my sweet Starseeds are five and seven-years-old, and I have been married to the love of my life for eight years now. We move often and live fearlessly, and I am grateful for the Instagram platform where I can share my practice with you all from wherever we are in the world! May my stories inspire you as you delve deeper into your own journey. Sat Nam, the truth is within you." Find Karissa on Instagram as @thegivingmom 

Stephanie Lasher has been making magic and mischief since 1983. A true creative spirit and lifelong movement artist, she lives, writes, dances, and plays yoga in Maine with her loving husband and Samoyed pup Loki. Share in the nonsense on Instagram with her as @freedivegirl

Lois McAffrey Lopez attended Bryn Mawr College as a McBride scholar (program for women of non-traditional age), receiving a degree in Cultural Anthropology in 2003. In her younger life, she founded a specialized construction company, which she owned and managed for twenty years. After receiving the degree from Bryn Mawr, she spent a number of years working with non-profit agencies as well as finding adventure by sailing the Intercostal Waterway and Caribbean seas with her husband. Her educational background, prior business experience, and time spent observing have given her a unique perspective from which to approach her view of the world and it is clearly evident in her writing. She received a Master’s Degree in Creative writing from Wilkes College in 2013.

Clarissa Mae Thompson is a 200 hour RYT and  completed her training in Rock Island, IL, at Tapas Yoga Shala with Evan and Kelly Harris in May 2014. She maintains a dedicated Ashtanga practice and spent time in Mysore, India in December 2015 studying at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute with Sharath Jois. She has also spent time with a variety of knowledgeable teachers. These experiences feed her desire for knowledge and influence her class flows. Clarissa teaches regular classes at studios and online.  She is also an avid blogger writing about her personal experiences and life on and off the mat. Visit her Instagram account @clarissa_mae_ Her website:

Laura Rose Schwartz is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200), and a Balance Body trained Pilates instructor. She studied Interdisciplinary Yoga at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica - an internationally recognized yoga teacher training program. Laura focuses her yoga classes on Vinyasa Flow, full of movement and unique sequencing.  She also teaches invigorating and challenging Pilates and barre classes, utilizing isometric movements and creativity sequencing. Her classes are a balance of strengthening flow and breath - designed to be challenging, rewarding, and fun for all levels. Laura's background in science and anatomy allows her to utilize her knowledge of the body's physiology as she assists and informs her students. Laura also likes to share her love of music, and tries to ensure that her playlists are just as engaging as her techniques. An attorney in her previous life, Laura now spends her days much more happily teaching yoga, barre, and Pilates full-time, and is also the Director of the studio where she teaches. Find her on Instagram as @lauraroseyoga

Katie Schroeder is a yoga practitioner, teacher, and ostomate who found healing inside and out through her dedication to yoga and trusting her gut, even though she had hers removed. Her raw honesty about her chronic illness and ileostomy have inspired many. She has helped several ostomates navigate the unknown territory of learning to thrive with an ostomy, and she spreads awareness about the unique condition that led to hers through print and social media. Katie is incredibly grateful for her yoga practive which helped her survive until having her life-saving surgeries and makes her love life with her ostomy. Her website:

BreatheYourOMBlance® is a book about yoga by women. Volume One selections are about breath and balance. S. Teague selected 30 contributors for the debut Breathe book. Below we have introduced the contributors. The book IS available for purchase Now (Fall 2016). To read the submission guidelines, click here. reading period is OPEN for volume THREE.

Ever since she started classes with her mum when she was 16, yoga has been a regular part of Laura Swan's life. She trained to become a yoga teacher in her home town of Brighton, UK and has been teaching for the past year. Laura's classes are grounded in acceptance and patience - there's no judgement, no force, no pressure. For her, yoga is all about taking time out for yourself and your physical and mental health. Find her on Instagram as @swan_yoga

"For 20 years I have had the honor of working and studying with a diverse array of teachers, from shamans to midwives. My work as a yoga teacher, healer and artist is a process of connecting and returning. It is the journey of making the unknown, known. It is the acknowledgement that everything is alive and the conversation that is longing to be heard. It is the accessing of a profound power in the innate intelligence within us and all around us."--Chelsea Wise
Find Chelsea Wise Online: Her photography on Instagram @astheheronflies     
Her Yoga practice on Instagram @chelsea_wise_  Her website:

Jasmin Serina is a registered nurse living in Tucson, Arizona. She was born and educated in the Philippines. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, major Accounting, in her late teens. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing soon after. Jaz migrated to the USA to pursue her nursing career. She had spent time as a health care volunteer in Cambodia and Philippines. She recently came back from Peru where she was a conservation volunteer. Her budding yoga journey has been inspired by her instructors, family and friends. Find her on Instagram as @jazser4

Summer Breeze Flowers: "California native, mother to two amazing little ones who have helped on my journey to finding my breath. Currently teaching yoga and loving it. Life is always presenting us with moments trying to take our breath away, so we must always look for it!" Find her on Instagram as @atimeforflowers

Regan Warner is an American living in the UK for the past eight years. She’s a mummy, a wife, a baker, a creative director and a yogi. She started practicing in Detroit, 2001 and took her RYT200 in NewYork, 2007. She loves marrying her two passions together, design and yoga. Evident on her IG @reganwarner as she’s always hosting challenges with eye catching graphics. Her goal is to always be honest and authentic with the ethos; work hard, stay humble. Find her on social media: Website: IG:

Arielle Witt-Foreman is mother to 3-year-old Belle and a student of Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. She currently resides in North Carolina and enjoys spending time with Belle on the beach, practicing yoga, reading, writing and occasionally attending concerts. Find her on Instagram @the_amazing_arielle

All Contributors: Karissa Becker, Amy Bell, Jacquitta Boone, Ariel Bowlin, Sarah Cunningham, Barbara Lee Gray, Summer B. Flowers, Jessica Gibbs, Lily Gomez, Deb Harano, Ruby Hernandez, Brittany Hoogenboom, C. T. Kern, Stephanie Lasher, Lois McAffrey Lopez, Nikki Martin, Selwa Mitchell, J. Ray, Tracy M.G. Riggs, Katie Schroeder, Laura Rose Schwartz, Jasmin Serina, Leslie Storms, Laura Swan, ​S. Teague, Clarissa Mae Thompson, Shana Thornton, Regan Warner, Bonnie Weeks, Chelsea Wise, and Arielle Witt-Foreman.

Leslie Storms is a yoga teacher, registered nurse, marriage and family therapist, a published author, a social media consultant, and has devoted herself to awakening. Her immense affinity for healing, learning, and transforming has led her to what can only be discovered by taking a look within. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and worked as operating room nurse for over ten years. She completed her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and upon graduation, she launched a successful solo practice. After five years, she had an epiphany -- her heart was being called to expand. She had fallen in love with yoga, and its ability to transform oneself. She has taught and practiced various methods of yoga for over thirteen years. For the past three years, she has devoted herself to the six-day-a-week practice of the Ashtanga Yoga Method. The Ashtanga method offers the practitioner a self practice which allows for in depth self-study. She is grateful to the countless healers who have shared their experience and knowledge with her.
Currently, she has graciously dedicated this life to connecting with stillness daily. She studies the teachings of Adyashanti and Paramahansa Yogananda. She has been honored with the acceptance of attending one of Adyashanti's highly sought after silent retreats this winter. She longs to share her love of yoga, meditation, creative photography and the ultimate, which to her is bravely committing to the journey of delving inside. Find her on Instagram as @lesliestorms

Crystal-collecting, mystical mama Brittany Hoogenboom, is fueled by the fire of love. She once was lost but now is found, thanks to yoga. She's a physical therapist assistant, yoga teacher, reiki master, metaphysical adept in training, and is earning a Bachelor's degree in alternative medicine. She literally never stops. Chasing her Dharma to help the mother of the Stars heal the lives of human beings, she is empowered by gratitude. Find her on Instagram as @ladiboomyogini

Jessica Gibbs is a pediatric physical therapist and began a daily yoga practice in December 2013. Her yoga journey has changed her life, both on and off the mat. She shares her love of yoga with everyone she meets and hopes to inspire others to practice kindness and love on a daily basis. Jessica resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her dog Mate. Find her on Instagram @gibby_smalls

Nikki Martin is a yoga teacher and writer living on the east coast of Canada with her partner, Paul, and a very strange cat named Girlie. They live on an acre of land in a quiet neighbourhood just 10 minutes from the ocean. In the summers, they grow as much of their own food as they can as well as keep honeybees. Both are passionate about doing what they can to help the environment, and for that reason (among others), Nikki is also a vegan. Her love of stories, both reading and creating them, started very young when she realized they could be both escape and salvation for a shy, sensitive, and awkward kid who always felt a little bit out of place, despite having friends and being very social. She drafted her first novel in grade 9 and her first feature length screenplay not long after that, and has written many of both genres since. She hopes to sell some of her works in the coming years and continue to share her passion for yoga while teaching and travelling. She is an avid reader, a daydreamer, a movie lover, a sunset chaser, a love and laughter spreader, a beach walker, a storyteller, and an ocean soul. Find her on Instagram as @nikki_possibilities

Selwa Mitchell was diagnosed with the fatal, genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis at age three. As she watched her mother fall to her knees from the doctors' news that her baby girl was not expected to live past seven years of age, Selwa Mitchell's fight began right then and there in that cold hospital room. Now at age 38, Selwa's mental and physical scars have found their home in her soul creating a fighter who won't take hearing, "You can't" from others lightly. Wife, mother to two healthy children, accountant, and 200hr RYT, Selwa lives the life she wants despite often being told the odds are against her--something that just fuels her soul. Tell her you can't and she will do it better. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a progressive disease that slowly attacks the lungs, slowly suffocates the person as they fight for every breath. With each breath, Selwa has fought with every inch of her soul. On June 25th, 2016, at four am, Selwa's lungs took their last fighting breath for her. The journey up until that last breath tested every ounce of Selwa's faith and mental strength. She fights hard despite the struggle, despite the difficulty, because she knows every breath is worth the fight. Struggle and fight have led her to the knowledge of appreciation. To be alive is an understood blessing when each day has no guarantee. In the fight, she sought relief and hope. Uniquely, in her struggle, Selwa found a gift that bought her time and eased her pain. It is a gift that rejuvenated a tired soul and gave her power--Selwa found the gift of yoga. Find her on Instagram as @selwayoga

Barbara Lee Gray is an English Instructor at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She plays percussion, drums and other instruments. She produces her own music, which includes funk pop, rock and meditative pieces that include gong recordings. She acquired her first gong in the winter of 2012, when she started playing gong meditations for a variety of groups and in various situations.

​​Contributors for BreatheYourOMBalance® Volume One

Lily Gomez:  "Mom of three boys. Yoga teacher. Forever learning. Smiling is my favorite asana." Find Lily on Instagram as @mymatisyourmat

Bonnie Weeks loves a challenge. Her garage is her home studio for a weight-throwing or plyometric workout as well as the space she practices yoga. If there's something that seems hard, she's not afraid of it. She professes always moving forward and is a trainer and teacher who wants students to come away feeling powerful, important, and loved. She thrives on connecting movement with soul, the sacred in you. Bonnie is from Oregon where she lives with her husband, three children, and the beautiful green Earth.  Instagram:

C.T. Kern lives near Los Angeles. Her work has been published in The Florida ReviewImagePassages North, and other journals.  She has served as fiction editor of The Cream City Review and faculty advisor for The West Wind literary magazine.

Ruby Hernandez is a personal coach, yoga instructor, and psychotherapist. Her passion is in empowering people to heal from past trauma, gain deep presence for themselves, and find comfort and joy in the divine body they live in. Ruby helps people up-level their health+wellbeing and connect to their own 'inner glow' via yoga/mindfulness meditation, EFT tapping, and EcoTherapy adventures in nature. She also facilitates mind/body retreats in Costa Rica. Visit her website at Find her on Instagram​​ @Inner_Lotus_Glow

Ariel Bowlin was born and raised in the Puget Sound area. She graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor's in Spanish and worked as a contract interpreter for the State of Washington for several years. She also taught Spanish Conversation at Everett Community College. Chronic injuries led her to practice and teach Yoga and Pilates. She now lives and teaches in Tucson where she loves to hike, read and practice Yoga in the park. She is a breast cancer survivor. Find Ariel on Instagram as @arielbowlin

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