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​​​Has yoga changed your life? Shifted your perspective? You've experienced that humbling on the mat, that "whoa, I actually got this asana" moment, and perhaps the spiritual revelations of being in the moment and allowing the concepts on the mat to filter into your every day. Haven't you, as a yoga student, practitioner, and/or teacher, had more words move through you with feelings of now possibility and acceptance than ever before in your life? We've been on the mat long enough to know that you have magical, mystical, joyful, poetic, heart-wrenching, epic wins and fails to share. We want to give these stories--your stories--a book, which is a way to reach the world in a permanent expression, in a creative writing yoga journal of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We're taking submissions for volume two of our BreatheYourOMBalance® book, a journal about yoga by women, from Feb. 13, 2017, to June 30, 2017. Open to all women yoga students, practitioners, and/or teachers. Previously unpublished writers welcome. No reading or submission fees. Free process. 

<-- <--Read those guidelines and send something for us to read.

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Yoga Mat Studio

BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing

Call for Submissions

BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing

Volume 2

Thorncraft Publishing has partnered with Yoga Mat Studio in Clarksville, TN, to create Volume Two of our yoga book series. This volume will be  BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing.

Open Call for Writing: Submissions are officially closed. Next open reading period will begin Winter 2018. To prepare in advance, please, follow the guidelines below. You can submit by email or by attending our writing workshops at Yoga Mat studio in Tennessee. Instructions for both options appear below.

BreatheYourOMBalance® is a creative writing journal of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry about yoga. For Volume One, we published writing by women only that focuses on yoga and/or meditation with breath and balance being central themes. For Volume Two, we are looking for writings that focus on the healing aspects of the yoga practice (the 8-limbs). Beginning writers are welcome. Open to all women, men, and transgender practitioners of yoga. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.

Finalists will be selected by a panel consisting of our publisher Shana Thornton, contributor & author S. Teague, and the owners of Yoga Mat studio, Erika Wolfe and Amanda Travis Rush.

What kind of writing do we want?

We want deep, expressive work by your creative mind. Your writing can be funny, poetic, heart-wrenching, experimental, but above all, we want you to be thoughtful and speak to our hearts about yoga, meditation, your practice. We don't want you to sugarcoat it or create a language architecture that few can understand. We want your writing to be accessible. We welcome those of you who speak English as a second language to submit your work. You should be at least eighteen years old, as we do need your permission to distribute your story worldwide. We do expect some stories and/or poems to possibly contain adult language and/or subject matter appropriate for mature audiences. 

In short, we welcome stories and poems that will choke us up--with laughter or tears or contemplation or all and more. We want to see you in there. Be yourself. 

We are truly honored to read your work and that you would want to share your stories with us in BreatheYourOMBalance. Thank you for allowing us to read your words and stories. We understand the courage it takes to share your words and practice, and we will treat each one as a gift, whether they are chosen to appear in the book or not.

Guidelines for Email & Workshop Submission Process: 

1. Email period: We are currently accepting online submissions from women writers by email for Volume Two of BreatheYourOMBalance. Submissions open on Monday, February 13, 2017.  Submission period closes at Midnight CST on June 30, 2017.

Writing Workshops at Yoga Mat studio: If you have already submitted your writing through a Yoga Mat workshop, you do not need to submit your work again. If you plan to submit your work through an upcoming workshop, please see our guidelines below, and sign up through the Yoga Mat website here and/or the MindBody App. If you have already submitted your work, we will contact you via email to sign your contract and work on the edits/revisions to your work.

2. For poetry, please submit no more than 5 poems, for nonfiction one piece (5,000 words maximum), for fiction one piece (5,000 words maximum). You can submit in every category and may email them in one email. Fiction and nonfiction may be part of a longer work, but must be able to stand alone.

Please, make only one submission per category. If we want additional writings from you, we will request them.

3. Work should focus on the theme of Healing within yoga and/or meditation practice(s). Work should be Creative, Not Instructional.

4. We are only accepting previously unpublished work (this includes public not submit work that is already on a public blog).

5. Email your entry in the body of an email or as a word document only (.doc and .docx) to breatheyourombalance[at] between February 13, 2017, and midnight CST June 30, 2017, to be eligible for consideration. 

6. Email instructions: In the subject line of your email, include Breathe Journal Submission: Poetry, Fiction, and/or Nonfiction (as appropriate).

Include a title page with your name, email address, title of work(s), genre(s) and word count(s), contact information of an address and/or phone number where we may notify you if you are chosen as a contributor. 

Attach your creative writing to the email or paste into the body of the email. 

Confidentiality:Your personal information will never be shared with third parties.

Notifications:Allow up to three months following the final deadline for a response from us. We will post the announcement as soon as the contributors are chosen and we expect to do so without delay. Please, do not email us any questions about the submission process or ask about the status of your submission(s). We will contact you as soon as possible. Thorncraft Publishing will accept simultaneous submissions, but please in this instance notify us immediately if your work has been accepted by another publication. Contributors whose work is selected for the journal will be notified and asked for a biography (contributors can opt not to include a biography). All contributors' biographies will be printed in the book and their names (and/or pen names) will be listed on all platforms and websites that allow for full length listings. Their names or pen names and biographies will be posted on the website: 

RIGHTS and Permissions: If your work is chosen for inclusion in the journal, Thorncraft Publishing acquires first North American publication rights, which means that after publication, the rights of your work revert back to you. As a courtesy, we ask that you wait one year before seeking subsequent publication of the same work and that you include a credit to Thorncraft and BreatheYourOMBalance journal if your work from this journal is included in subsequent publications. In our permissions, we require the option to share and promote selections from the work you have contributed on our social media and website. After all, if we like your work, we want to share it. If your work is chosen, we will mail two complimentary copies of the book to you upon publication. We will offer you a discounted rate to purchase up to 20 copies from the publisher. All specificities will be listed in the contracts to the chosen contributors.

good luck, and we look forward to reading your submissions. 

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