Praise for Seasons of Balance:
Seasons of Balance is an exquisite work of writing that encourages you to tap into your own creative crockpot and weave some beautiful webs of truth. 

Teague and Thornton each have unique, yet informal voices that make them feel real, approachable, and most importantly, relatable. You'll be scrambling for your pen as their thought-provoking stories and poetry carry you up and down the roller coaster of human emotions. 

Both artists have an obvious talent for prose, a well entwined style, and the uncanny ability to discuss seemingly mundane bits of everyday life, while revealing the true depth and magic under the surface. 

Seasons of Balance is an excellent resource for anyone looking to further explore the root of their creative being. The perfect ode to strength and femininity, with a solid splash of vulnerability thrown in for flavor.” —STEPH GONGORA, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand (2016).

About Shana Thornton:

Shana Thornton is the author of two novels, Poke Sallet Queen & the Family Medicine Wheel (2015) and Multiple Exposure (2012). Shana earned an M.A. in English from Austin Peay State University. She was the Editor-in-Chief of Her Circle Ezine, an online women's magazine featuring authors, artists, and activists.

She is the owner of Thorncraft Publishing. Shana lives in Tennessee with her family.

To read Shana's interviews with women authors and activists, visit Her Circle Ezine 

To read more of her nonfiction, visit her blog here.

Follow her on Twitter @shanathornton

​Instagram @shana_trailbalance

Other books (fiction):

 Poke Sallet Queen & the Family Medicine Wheel (2015)

Multiple Exposure (2012)

About the Authors

Seasons of Balance: On Creativity and Mindfulness

​by S. Teague and Shana Thornton

Seasons of Balance: On Creativity & Mindfulness explores the creative life...through changing relationships, fitness practices, meditations, aging, gratitude, and more. S. Teague and Shana Thornton co-author a book that you can read from beginning to end, or you can open it at any place and find topics to prompt further inspiration. As one season helps us to restore our creative practices, so does another season arouse our artistic endeavors and still another stimulates us to action. We need all of the seasons to meet the goals we have set for ourselves. As a tree changes with the seasons so do our perspectives on many topics in life, and not simply topics about which we’ve formed opinions, but ways of life and ways of being in the world. We hope you will use this book to inspire you, prompt meditations, and/or as a creativity journal.

From the author, S. Teague

​"As a recovering approval addict, I turned to what seemed to be my place in this world and allowed myself to become self-aware by beginning a personal yoga journey in 2014. My inner artist and creator emerged.

Through photography and prose, I came home to who I was always meant to be--an artist. As I took on many shapes and forms artistically, my approval obsession silenced while my art grew. I began to breathe in this new life for myself. All I needed was a little salt." ​

S. Teague is also a contributor and the author choosing the selections for the yoga book, Breathe Your Om Balance: a journal of yoga by women (forthcoming, Fall 2016). Read more about it here.

S. Teague is the owner of Salt H2OPhotography 

She is also known as @saltlifepirateprincess on Instagram, where she creates and hosts a variety of yoga challenges, many of them incorporating art and writing into the practice. Follow Salty on Instagram here

MARCH 2016





Nonfiction: Creativity

162 pages

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