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 June 19, 2019

ROXY READS Series: Beverly Fisher's one-act play, "My Daddy Said 'He'", will be part of the Roxy Reads series at 7 p.m. on June 19, at the Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville, TN. 
"My Daddy Said 'He'" explores in a humorous, yet poignant way, gay and transgender issues from the perspective of a mother. Other one-act plays are featured along with Fisher's. Tickets are $15. Website: Roxy Regional Theatre

Clarksville writers conference

 June 6, 2019

Clarksville Writers Conference: Shana Thornton will be in a presentation discussion with author and journalist Christopher Smith from 10:30 am - 11:45 am on Thursday, June 6, 2019. In their presentation, "Is Working With an Indie Press For You?" they will discuss the expectations of publishers and authors. Packages for the conference are available for each day or both. Sponsored by Arts & Heritage Development Council. 
Details: http://www.artsandheritage.us/writers/

what's the buzz, b? q&a with brittany brown

newsletter exclusive.

What's the Buzz, B? 
Q&A begins October 15 in our newsletter! Brittany Brown gives great advice. She can talk about a wide swath of what either one of you can imagine, and that's the innerjunkings of ideas a-plenty and galaxies, yoga, wildlife, nail polish, the sea, books, self-care, motivations... Now, this is your chance to try and get her attention with a question, preferably about writing, teaching, yoga, homeschooling, fishing--​there's so much to choose from. Read her column every week in the newsletter and follow her on Instagram @saltlifepirateprincess. If you've already got a question that you're itching to ask, here's how to do it:
What's the Buzz, B? Send questions to whatsthebuzzb@gmail.com 

Selections from letters may be printed in the weekly newsletter. Names will be abbreviated to first name, last initial. Please, include your city and state, country and/or province. For example: Signed, Brittany B. from Plano, TX. 
Sending your question does not guarantee that you will receive a response from Brittany Brown or anyone from Thorncraft Publishing or our representatives. Sending your question means that it could be chosen and you are giving us permission to print it in whole or in part in the Thorncraft Publishing website, weekly newsletter, and/or on our social media platforms at any time in the future. You will automatically be signed up for our newsletter mailing list when you send a question. 

the nudge ~weekly writing elbow

 Ongoing 2018

Grab a blank notebook, a manuscript already in progress, or open a new note in your phone. Each week, our publisher will give you the writing elbow~ a nudge to write on.... Visit our Home Page every week in order to get the weekly writing prompt from our publisher. For the prompts from previous weeks, visit The Nudge page.


 Ongoing 2018

Every WEEKEND: Join author and yogi Nikki Martin @nikki_possibilities on Instagram for #weekendwordsmiths CLICK HERE to see a #weekendwordsmiths post from Nikki. 

african-american legacy trail 

 Clarksville/Montgomery County 2018-2019

African-American Legacy Trail for Clarksville/ Montgomery County: Shana Thornton and Jerome Parchman developed a Legacy Trail emphasizing the importance of African-American history and culture within the Clarksville/Montgomery County community. They worked with student designer Kathryn Boyer and teacher Hannah Brooks at Rossview High School to create the trail pamphlet. Click here to visit the wesbite.​

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