All Contributors: Ariel Bowlin, E.W. Dziadon III, Jessica Gibbs, Sheryl Hayes, Jamie Henry, Brittany Howard, Yvette Huber, Laura Hurn, Eva James, Nikki Martin, April McDunn, Jennie Passero, Michelle Petty, Amanda Rush, Jasmin Serina, Ericka Suhl, Sherry Ulansky, Jennifer Villaluz, Jennifer Will, Sophia Winters, Arielle Witt-Foreman, and Erika Wolfe.  

All Contributors: Karissa Becker, Amy Bell, Jacquitta Boone, Ariel Bowlin,  Sarah Cunningham, Barbara Lee Gray, Summer B. Flowers, Jessica Gibbs, Lily Gomez, Deb Harano, Ruby Hernandez, Brittany Hoogenboom, C. T. Kern, Stephanie Lasher, Lois McAffrey Lopez, Nikki Martin, Selwa Mitchell, J. Ray, Tracy M.G. Riggs, Katie Schroeder, Laura Rose Schwartz, Jasmin Serina, Leslie Storms, Laura Swan, ​Clarissa Mae Thompson, Shana Thornton, Regan Warner, Bonnie Weeks, Chelsea Wise, and Arielle Witt-Foreman. 

Read the biographies of Contributors Here.

Introduced by Kelsy Timas, Founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc. 

​Series Editors: Kitty Madden and Shana Thornton

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BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing (April 2018) delves into the poignant journey of yoga as it heals, restores, and revitalizes life after life. This second volume about yoga embraces the human touch of yoga and its spiritual passages, physical inner presence, and timeless message of wellness. Many of the contributors worked together in workshops through Yoga Mat studio in Clarksville, TN, to infuse their work with not only the personal yoga journey but the roots of the yoga community that connect us together. Kelsy Timas, founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc., a Certified Yoga School and holistic center of wellbeing, introduces the voices that breathe life into this book. These contributors speak about connections that we all hope to achieve and wounds that we all hope to heal. ​​

Advanced Praise for BreatheYourOmBalance, Volume Two:

“Yoga is often said to be a path of transformation, a way to change your life for the better; what exactly does that mean? By reading these poems and stories in BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, you will learn how fear, doubts and limitations can be peeled away as quickly as one breath or even just one yoga pose, and when practiced consistently, change you and your community. Pick this book up, read these stories, hold them close and feel the love move from within the pages to your heart.” 
—LISA LOFTHOUSE, lifelong yogi, teacher and author of Journey to a Life of Bliss


​Yoga and Healing | Volume 2

Meet Sarah Michelle, the Introductory Author for Volume Three!

Volume Three reading period has been extended. Click here for official submission guidelines!

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BreatheYourOMBalance® and BreatheYourOMBalance Warrior Two symbol are official registered trademarks owned by Thorncraft Publishing. No unlawful use permitted. 


​Yoga and Relationships | Volume 3

Sarah Michelle is an adventurer, bhakti-yogini, mother, artist, musician, poet, and freelance author. She's a California native who planted her roots in Clarksville, TN. For Sarah, the yogic path has been a powerful ally and steady anchor throughout her adult life, helping her to cultivate a strong sense of self and a deeper connection to the universe. She is passionate about the healing it has inspired, promoting her growth and empowerment as a woman and mother. She is a registered yoga teacher and a licensed massage therapist, and she uses her writing skills to complement her work in the alternative healing community. Her mission is to help and inspire others to heal their whole selves and to live a spiritually fulfilled life. You can read her published work as the introductory author in the upcoming third edition of BreatheYourOMBalance by Thorncraft Publishing.

From the author, S. Teague

​"As a recovering approval addict, I turned to what seemed to be my place in this world and allowed myself to become self-aware by beginning a personal yoga journey in 2014. My inner artist and creator emerged. Through photography and prose, I came home to who I was always meant to be--an artist. As I took on many shapes and forms artistically, my approval obsession silenced while my art grew. I began to breathe in this new life for myself. All I needed was a little salt." ​

Selected and Introduced by S. Teague

​Series Editors: Kitty Madden and Shana Thornton

What Are Our Beginnings & Our Principles?

BreatheYourOMBalance® is a lifestyle brand and symbol for honoring our inner warriors. Our logo is the image of the opening, strengthening, and centering posture Warrior II, known as Virabhadrasana II in Sanskrit, and the meditative sound, "OM", a sound that steadies the breath and provides a sense of calm that resonates throughout the body, and is believed to be the sound of the Divine.

We do Not charge reading or submission fees. The process is FREE to enter. Submissions are anonymous when read and chosen based on content. OFFICIAL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ARE HERE, and the reading period is now open for Volume Three. 

We have also created organic yoga T-shirts for both women and men that are available for purchase from us (our new online store will be live soon) and our partner stores. Our shirts are 100% organic cotton. They are fair-trade. Therefore, like the books we create, we will strive to share clothing that considers our impact on each other and the environment.  

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Thorncraft Publishing has been a socially conscious company from our beginnings. We already support and/or have donated to various charities via Thorncraft Publishing and Shana Thornton, publisher/author. Support and/or donations have been made but were/are not limited to the following charities: David Lynch Foundation, the Roxy Regional Theatre, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Wear Blue: Run to Remember, The ALS Association, Manna Cafe Ministries, and more local service and arts organizations. 

A percentage of the sales from the BreatheYourOMBalance® book and shirts is donated to various organizations and charities that provide medical research funds and/or social programs for empathy and humanitarian support. ​​

We honor you and your balance, your breath, and your sacred space. 

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​Writings about Yoga by Women | Volume 1

BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women celebrates the life-changing practice of yoga in a collection of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. Author S. Teague is joined by 30 contributors in this debut volume. From gong meditations to yoga teacher training programs, from new parents who want to instill confidence in their children to women who are reclaiming their lives after divorce and loss, these writers reveal how yoga opened new pathways of self-awareness and creative expressions.

Praise for BreatheYourOMBalance, Volume One:

BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women is an incredible collection of individual experiences that speak to the collective journey via the practice of yoga. These pages are full of all the feelings; the highest highs and the lowest lows. As one starts to reflect on their own practice, the feelings become tangible, they resonate, and we relate. Each piece reminds us why we step on the mat and why we take that breath.”—SHAUNA HARRISON, PhD in Public Health, creator of the #SweatADay challenge, Under Armour® Trainer.

"BreatheYourOMBalance is a pleasure to read. A book of writings by women, about women, it shows our struggles, challenges, and many victories. Through a yoga community on social media, these women have connected—and found the courage to share deeply personal experiences in the form of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. They go deep into those dark places that make all of us vulnerable—places most of us have visited before—and overcome things like fear, anxiety, and self-loathing with breath and movement, love of oneself, and the light within.
"I have anxiety, too, and through yoga I have learned to control it with my breath. There are a number of stories that are relatable to me. I felt connected to these women by reading their words, by feeling their fears, by experiencing their joy."—ROBIN MARTIN, 200-E-RYT in Yoga Medicine, @robinmartinyoga on Instagram

​“I’ll never forget when I first 'met' S. Teague, or @saltlifepirateprincess on Instagram. Her account was intoxicating and one of the few places to see a community of almost all women supporting each other’s yoga practices and challenges. I immediately felt welcomed, even as a male practitioner, right into their community. Salty, and her friends, created a space where many could grow, expand, try new things, and even fail together—judgment free. A day wouldn’t go by when I didn’t check out what their community was up to. Now, seeing this book, BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women, come together is just icing on the cake. It is a perfect representation of the community that she attracted since day one. The love. The support. The family. It’s all here on these pages. It came together beautifully and is only a small representation of how powerful this community of women actually is.”—HUNTER COOK, @hunterfitness on Instagram​​

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