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about The adventures to pawnassus

Children's Literature: Journey with Luna on her Adventures to Pawnassus, where she meets the literary dogs of her time and tries to fulfill her dreams. After being abandoned, Luna finds a home close to Nashville, but her troubles are not over, and she needs the friendship of Mia & her family to inspire a belief in the future. 

about seasons of balance:

on creativity & mindfulness

Seasons of Balance shares the creative life...through changing relationships, fitness practices, meditations, aging, gratitude, and more. As one season helps us to restore our creative practices, so does another season arouse our artistic endeavors and still another that stimulates us to action. We need all of the seasons to meet the goals we have set for ourselves. We hope you will use this book to inspire you, prompt meditations, and/or as a creativity journal.

about A Momentary darkness 

A Momentary Darkness explores into the realm of fantasy by experimenting with the possibility of alternate worlds and lives. Martin writes a fluid world of memory and experience for her characters, adding their natural confusion to altered states of reality and questioning the conscious state of being. The escapism of A Momentary Darkness will lure the reader into questions about states of reality and altered consciousness. 

AVAILABLE NOW, April 2018: 

BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing delves into the poignant journey of yoga as it heals, restores, and revitalizes life after life. This second volume about yoga embraces the human touch of yoga and its spiritual passages, physical inner presence, and timeless message of wellness. 

From gong meditations to yoga-teacher training programs, from new parents who want to instill confidence in their children to women who are reclaiming their lives after divorce and loss, these writers reveal how yoga opened new pathways of self-awareness and creative expressions.

Praise for BreatheYourOMBalance, Volume One:

“BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women is an incredible collection of individual experiences that speak to the collective journey via the practice of yoga. These pages are full of all the feelings; the highest highs and the lowest lows. As one starts to reflect on their own practice, the feelings become tangible, they resonate, and we relate. Each piece reminds us why we step on the mat and why we take that breath.”—SHAUNA HARRISON, PhD in Public Health, creator of the #SweatADay challenge, Under Armour® Trainer.​

OCTOBER 2016: 

BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women celebrates the life-changing practice of yoga in a collection of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction. Author S. Teague is joined by 30 contributors in this debut volume. 


“Sister” is a sacred word. Cattail Beach is joy. Until one day at its shore, both are lost in a single moment.
Cattail, the adored beach near their coastal New England home, is Amy’s place of refuge, but when a mistake there ends tragically, almost destroying everything that Amy holds as sacred, she doesn’t know how she’ll continue, nor mend the rift with her sister that results. 

Talking Underwater explores the balance between the elation of family summers at the ocean and the ways we navigate unbearable heartache and find news ways of being.​​

about Poke sallet queen & the family medicine wheel 

When Robin Ballard takes a writing course in college, she goes searching for answers about her homeless father and wanders into the secret lives of her relatives as they gradually reveal their personal histories. Set in Nashville and the surrounding rural towns, the novel offers a look into the superstitions and changes of a middle Tennessee family . Based on novel events, homework assignments, old magic recipes, drunken revelries, senile remembrances, midnight songs, some tall tales, some folk tales, and the lost journals, Robin Ballard tells a "true" Tennessee family history.

about The mosquito hours 

"In prose as undulating as the ocean by which the story is set, The Mosquito Hours chronicles the Crawford family, a multi-generational family  of widowed and unwed women, momentarily at the ebb tide of their lives. Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo takes us into the world of ordinary women living with pluck and dignity despite unplanned pregnancies, underemployment and the untimely deaths of loved ones. It is a quiet pleasure to watch the tide return."--DEBORAH LEE LUSKIN, author of the award-winning novel, Into the Wilderness

about war & military fiction 

Much of the literature written about war and the military is presented from the soldier's point of view, however, countless children and spouses have their own war stories. Both of these works of fiction show the impact of war on a family, as well as the communities where these families live. Multiple Exposure and Grace Among the Leavings refrain from creating a glamorous or romaticized storyline to the events during wartime for both the active duty soldiers and their families. 

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