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BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, Volume 2.

Introduced by Kelsy Timas, Founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc.

Foreword by Amanda Rush, Co-Owner of Yoga Mat studio

Series Editors: Kitty Madden & Shana Thornton

All Contributors: Ariel Bowlin, E.W. Dziadon III, Jessica Gibbs, Sheryl Hayes, Jamie Henry, Brittany Howard, Yvette Huber, Laura Hurn, Eva James, Nikki Martin, April McDunn, Jennie Passero, Michelle Petty, Amanda Rush, Jasmin Serina, Ericka Suhl, Sherry Ulansky, Jennifer Villaluz, Jennifer Will, Sophia Winters, Arielle Witt-Foreman, and Erika Wolfe

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BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Relationships, Volume 3.

Introduced by Sarah Michelle

Series Editors: Kitty Madden & Shana Thornton

All Contributors: Coming soon!

BreatheYourOMBalance: Writings about Yoga by Women, Volume 1.

Selected and Introduced by S. Teague.

Series Editors: Kitty Madden & Shana Thornton

All Contributors: Karissa Becker, Amy Bell, Jacquitta Boone, Ariel Bowlin,  Sarah Cunningham, Barbara Lee Gray, Summer B. Flowers, Jessica Gibbs, Lily Gomez, Deb Harano, Ruby Hernandez, Brittany Hoogenboom, C. T. Kern, Stephanie Lasher, Lois McAffrey Lopez, Nikki Martin, Selwa Mitchell, J. Ray, Tracy M.G. Riggs, Katie Schroeder, Laura Rose Schwartz, Jasmin Serina, Leslie Storms, Laura Swan, ​S. Teague, Clarissa Mae Thompson, Shana Thornton, Regan Warner, Bonnie Weeks, Chelsea Wise, and Arielle Witt-Foreman. 

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sarah Michelle 


Volume Three Introductory Author (Forthcoming 2020)

nikki martin

A Momentary Darkness, Book One of the Awake While Dreaming Series 

(June 2018): Fiction, Fantasy

Book Two of Awake While Dreaming (Information coming soon)

khristeena lute

Finding Grace and Grit 

(Forthcoming): Literary/Historical Fiction

S. Teague / Brittany Brown

Seasons of Balance:

On Creativity & Mindfulness (March 2016): Self-Help, Creativity


Volume One Introductory Author  

(October 2016)

Listen, we have stories to tell...

Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo

Talking Underwater (Aug 2015): Fiction

The Mosquito Hours (April 2014): Fiction

Beverly Fisher

Grace Among the Leavings (Aug 2013): Historical Fiction

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