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We are grateful and honored to welcome KELSY TIMAS, Founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc. as the Introductory Author for  BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, Volume Two. Kelsy is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Life Coach, and Wellness Educator assisting the world in discovering and recovering a life in balance. A lifelong yoga practitioner on a mission to serve humanity in their journey and return to holism, Kelsy invests her time and talents in people and organizations looking for wellness solutions that... Read more about Kelsy and Volume Two in our yoga book series here.

Meet the Contributors

Every Wednesday until its release, we'll introduce a new contributor for volume two of BreatheYourOMBalance:

Yoga and Healing

S. Teague is joined by 30 contributors in this first collection of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction that celebrates the life-changing practice of yoga. These writers reveal how yoga opened new pathways of self-awareness and creative expressions.​​ READ MORE...

Week 48, December 2017. Theme: GAMES



Because we shortened some months to three weeks back earlier in the year, we've decided to double down for December and give you these last weeks two at a time.  So, enjoy the final weeks of this version of The Nudge. In the New Year, our publisher has a new prompt style for The Nudge...


People play games in life, so think about the types of games that your character plays. If you’re writing an historical novel or story, this gives you an opportunity to add a scene that shows a game that may now be out of fashion. Be creative and have fun with playing games in your story. Examples, the play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” by Edward Albee is an elaborate mental game shared by a married couple, and our publisher’s novel, Poke Sallet Queen and the Family Medicine Wheel, contains a scene in which secrets are revealed over a card game of Hearts. 

Additional advice for creative nonfiction and poetry: Focus on a game that you no longer play but that was important and pivotal in your past. Show your transformation from the time when that game was your focus and why you became enamored with it in the first place, to how you lost interest or moved away from it, as well as how it shaped who you have become now. Consider showing how easily a game can lead to an obsession of some sort, whether that is winning or some other scenario.

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The Nudge

About E.W. DZIADON III: Edward is the owner of Oakland Power Washing, father of four, and grandfather of one. He served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army which allowed him to explore
the vast cultures of the world. After retiring from the Army, he searched for a new adventure and found Yoga. His journey into the yogic world has been one of the most rewarding endeavors to date and has allowed him to connect with some amazing people. He recently completed a 200hr RYT training program through Guiding Wellness Institute and Yoga Mat yoga studio.


​​BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, volume two (Forthcoming, Spring 2018), delves into the poignant journey of yoga as it heals, restores, and revitalizes life after life. This second volume about yoga embraces the human touch of yoga and its spiritual passages, physical inner presence, and timeless message of wellness. Kelsy Timas, founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc., introduces the many voices in this compilation of poetry and nonfiction about what makes the healing practice of yoga so unique. Join us each week to meet the contributors as we lead up to the publication of the book.  Read more here. 

Ellen Masters's husband has been repeatedly deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade, and during that time, Ellen cares for their young family and home, starts a career, and searches for her own strength by training for a marathonREAD MORE...

April 5 & 7, 2018: "The Montgomery County Chronicles: A Tribute to Our History, Community, and Leadership", is an historical stage play about Montgomery County and Clarksville, TN, written by Shana Thornton and directed by Ryan Bowie from The Roxy Regional Theatre. They are working with a CBL group from Clarksville Academy, led by Dr. Rebecca Beach and Mike Trent. They are looking forward to a free public performance in Spring 2018 at the Downtown Commons. Read more here.

A Momentary Darkness is the first novel in the dreamstate series, Awake While Dreaming, by Nikki Martin. A Momentary Darkness delves into the realm of fantasy by exploring the possibility of alternate worlds and lives. Martin writes a fluid world of memory and experience for her characters, adding their natural confusion to altered states of reality and questioning the conscious state of being. Read more here about her new book to be released in 2018.



Our Books

Grab a blank notebook, a manuscript already in progress, or open a new note in your phone. Each week, our publisher will give you the writing elbow~ a nudge to write on... 

Authors have proclaimed that this novel is a "literary gift" & that "book clubs will love this." Talking Underwater explores the balance between the elation of family summers at the ocean & the ways we navigate unbearable heartache to find news ways of being.​​ READ MORE...

Hailed as "a deeply moving story, one not given to easy resolution," Grace Among the Leavings is a child's perspective of the Civil War.

The book has now been adapted to the stage by playwrights, Kari Catton & Dennis Darling. Contact us for details about bringing it to your local theatre. READ MORE...

Southern festivals, folk music, families falling out & returning- "Shana writes a magical story that stays with you long after the final page. As with one of the characters, 'She knows real magic.'" -Virginia Brown, author of Dark River Road & the Dixie Diva mystery series​ READ MORE...

An OnPoint Radio suggestion as Best Summer Reads 2014! 

Set on the Massachusetts coast, The Mosquito Hours is a multi-generational story about how the women in a family attempt to keep secrets about their desires, spirituality, and motherhood. READ MORE... 

S. Teague and Shana Thornton co-author a book about creativity with

meditations, expressions of gratitude, & mindfulness questions to help you through the seasons of life. Use this book to inspire you or as a creativity journal. READ MORE...