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S. Teague & Shana Thornton write a book that inspires creativity by offering affirmations, prompts, and expressions about the seasons of life.​​ READ MORE...



Make forces collide for this writing prompt. Blend the lives of your characters. Try creating two or three new character sketches and then allow them to meet and see what new plot twists you can create for your writing, or maybe the characters will prompt a new style from you. While you're at it, here are some words to throw in the mix--





​For 2018, our publisher started a new prompt style for The Nudge. Every week, she provides us with a group of words that are not necessarily related. Choose to approach this prompt style in a variety of ways. You could use this as a challenge to add words to your story that you might not otherwise have used. Another option is to learn definitions of the words, if you don’t know them already, and practice usage of the words, and/or learn word etymology, delving deeper into the meaning of the word throughout history, and bringing that knowledge into your writing. Be creative. Challenge yourself to use all of the words in a single poem or short prose piece, or even to use them in conversation during the day. Take note of which words are easy and which are difficult or awkward to incorporate into your spoken vocabulary or your particular style of writing.​ 

For the 2017 thematic style of The Nudge, click below...

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The Nudge

JASMIN SERINA was born in the Philippines. She is a registered nurse and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

She is one of the contributors for BreatheYourOMBalance, Volume One. Her yoga practice has been inspired by her instructors, family, and friends.


​​BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, volume two (Forthcoming, Spring 2018), delves into the poignant journey of yoga as it heals, restores, and revitalizes life after life. This second volume about yoga embraces the human touch of yoga and its spiritual passages, physical inner presence, and timeless message of wellness. Kelsy Timas, founder and CEO of Guiding Wellness Institute Inc., introduces the many voices in this compilation of poetry and nonfiction about what makes the healing practice of yoga so unique. Join us each week to meet the contributors as we lead up to the publication of the book.  Read more here. 



Ellen Masters's husband has been repeatedly deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade, and during that time, Ellen cares for their young family and home, starts a career, and searches for her own strength by training for a marathonREAD MORE...

Meet the Contributors

Every Wednesday until its release, we'll introduce a new contributor for volume two of BreatheYourOMBalance:

Yoga and Healing

FORTHCOMING 2018. Journey with Luna & Salty on their Adventures to Pawnassus, where they meet the literary dogs of their time and try to fulfill their dreams. After being abandoned, Luna finds a home close to Nashville, but her troubles are not over, and she needs the friendship of Salty, the Texas raccoon, to inspire a belief in the future. More details coming soon...

S. Teague is joined by 30 contributors in this first collection of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction that celebrates the life-changing practice of yoga. These writers reveal how yoga opened new pathways of self-awareness and creative expressions.​​ READ MORE...

Week 63, March 2018. 



7 p.m., Thursday, 3 May, & Saturday, 5 May, 2018, at The Roxy Regional Theatre: TWO FREE performances of "The Montgomery County Chronicles: A Tribute to Our History, Community, and Leadership", an historical stage play about Montgomery County and Clarksville, TN, written by Shana Thornton and directed by Ryan Bowie from The Roxy Regional Theatre. We're grateful to be working with a student group from Clarksville Academy. Some of the historical people featured in the play are as follows: Dr. Robert T. Burt, Ben Sory, Brenda Runyan, Cave Johnson, Gustavus Henry, Clarence Cameron White...  Read more here.



The adventures to pawnassus

​by shana thornton & Brittany brown

FORTHCOMING 2018. A Momentary Darkness is the first novel in the dreamstate series, Awake While Dreaming. A Momentary Darkness explores the realm of fantasy by experimenting with alternate worlds and lives. This is a story within stories that can be enjoyed by anyone who dares to wander into their dreamscape. READ MORE...

African-American Legacy Trail for Clarksville/ Montgomery County: Shana Thornton is working with Jerome Parchman and other local historians to develop a Legacy Trail emphasizing the importance of African-American history and culture within the Clarksville/Montgomery County community. They are working with a group of design students from Rossview High School, and the students are creating the trail pamphlet.  More information coming soon...

Breatheyourombalance: yoga and healing, volume two

BOOK LAUNCH for BreatheYourOMBalance: Yoga and Healing, Volume Two. Join us as we celebrate the release of our second yoga book! 

Details Coming Soon.  

Grab a blank notebook, a manuscript already in progress, or open a new note in your phone. Each week, our publisher will give you the writing elbow~ a nudge to write on... 

Every WEEKEND: Join author and yogi Nikki Martin @nikki_possibilities on Instagram for #weekendwordsmiths CLICK HERE to see a #weekendwordsmiths post from Nikki. 

Authors have proclaimed that this novel is a "literary gift" & that "book clubs will love this." Talking Underwater explores the balance between the elation of family summers at the ocean & the ways we navigate unbearable heartache to find news ways of being.​​ READ MORE...

FORTHCOMING 2018. The second volume of our yoga journal delves into the poignant journey of yoga as it heals, restores, and revitalizes life after life. The contributors embrace the human touch of yoga and its spiritual passages, physical inner presence, & timeless messageREAD MORE...

Hailed as "a deeply moving story, one not given to easy resolution," Grace Among the Leavings is a child's perspective of the Civil War.

The book has now been adapted to the stage by playwrights, Kari Catton & Dennis Darling. Contact us for details about bringing it to your local theatre. READ MORE...

Southern festivals, folk music, families falling out & returning- "Shana writes a magical story that stays with you long after the final page. As with one of the characters, 'She knows real magic.'" -Virginia Brown, author of Dark River Road & the Dixie Diva mystery series​ READ MORE...

An OnPoint Radio suggestion as Best Summer Reads 2014! 

Set on the Massachusetts coast, The Mosquito Hours is a multi-generational story about how the women in a family attempt to keep secrets about their desires, spirituality, and motherhood. READ MORE...